Why you should avoid packaged laundry detergent and how to make your own


  So let me ask you…do you wash your clothes? I’m guessing the answer is yes…if your answer is no then I think we should be having a different conversation. So now let me ask you…have you ever thought of making your own? I hear what you’re thinking right now and believe me…if you tried [Read More]

DIY Chocolate Milk Syrup…mmm mmm mmmdelicious


So let’s travel back to our younger days. Days of eating with reckless abandon and eating “junk food” without thinking about the “junk”. When I was a kid I loved any kind of processed food…boxed snack cakes, chips, fruit roll ups and the best treat of all….a tall cold glass of chocolate milk made from [Read More]

6 Reasons to Love Cast Iron Cookware


Let’s talk about sex baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about sex. Nope. Let’s not. But now that I have your attention (and probably have you reminiscing about the 90′s) let’s talk about my love affair with cast [Read More]

10 Simple Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe on Outings


So March break is coming up soon for the kiddies. Museums, zoos, aquariums and libraries alike will be packed with little hands, feet and faces milling all about. Parents will be pulling their hair out trying to keep it together over all of the noise and hussle and bustle of the fun filled days of [Read More]

Clean Without Chemicals – Citrus Cleaner


Did you know that many people spend 90% of their time indoors and that indoor pollution can be anywhere between 2 – 100% more polluted than outdoor air? Think about all of the chemicals being used in your home…toilet cleaners, glass cleaners, floor cleaners, air fresheners, furniture fresheners, oven cleaners, all purpose cleaners and on [Read More]

Honey Lemon Tea


So I hate being sick (ok so I know I’m not alone here) and that’s why I like to keep a mason jar in the fridge at all times of honey and lemon for a quick feel better drink. You should too because it’s tasty, handy and soothing and if you’re interested here’s how it goes: [Read More]