Clean Without Chemicals – Citrus Cleaner


Did you know that many people spend 90% of their time indoors and that indoor pollution can be anywhere between 2 – 100% more polluted than outdoor air? Think about all of the chemicals being used in your home…toilet cleaners, glass cleaners, floor cleaners, air fresheners, furniture fresheners, oven cleaners, all purpose cleaners and on and on. Now think about how often you actually open your windows to let your house breathe. Yuck, right?

The last couple of years have seen us ditching our former costly (in money and health) chemical commercial cleaning products in lieu of home made cleaners. We constantly have a glass jar or two on the go of citrus vinegar on our counters. It’s simple. Every time we eat an orange, lemon, grapefruit or lime we simply add the peels to the glass jar and pour some white vinegar over it. We let it sit for weeks at a time and sometimes months. I love them as individual jars or as a mix (i.e. lemon lime or citrus with grapefruit and orange).  When a batch has stewed for a few weeks we will begin to use it and there are so many uses for it.

Mix with some castille soap for an easy home made dish soap.
Use in your rinse cycle of your laundry.
Run it through your washer on its own to clean it.
Clean your toilets.
Clean your counters, tables, sinks and cupboards.
Mix it with some hot water and soap to clean your floors.
Use it in your hair as a final rinse.
Disinfect toys.
Spritz it in your hair as a detangler.

That’s it friends. It’s simple. It’s safe and non toxic. It’s home made. It smells lovely. But best of all…it’s cheap. It’s a cheap cleaner and it stretches your dollar as far as it can go by getting every last drop out of what you originally bought to eat. Tell me…how great is that? This is one of the times it’s ok to be called cheap.

Not to mention you can use this for everything listed above so you can ditch all of those other cleaners and save space by having just 1 bottle. 1 bottle people. That’s crazy. Think of all of the space you’ll save too. They sell spray bottles at the dollar store or other home stores and you can just strain your vinegar right into them and your ready to go. Plus you can feel good about your kids using this to help you clean and no need for pesky locks on cupboard doors for fear of poison.

Give them as gifts too…for Christmas of 2012 we made a bunch of these for Christmas gifts with pretty labels and different scents like grapefruit and mint and orange and rosemary. You can customize these with different essential oils and/or add some tea tree oil for some extra disinfecting power. The combinations are up to you and you can play around with what you like and let your creative domestic freak flag fly.

Try it. It works.

(P.S.  buh bye cleaning product headaches)

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