Home Made Yogurt? You betcha…


Why make homemade yogurt when we can buy it so readily and easily in such a wide variety of flavours? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Well for starters it’s a fermented food, meaning that it is super awesome for your digestive system because it contains live probiotic bacteria  (you know it’s all the rage) that will [Read More]

Noly Cookies – AKA Homemade Granola Cookies

Noly Cookies are not only healthy but the are also a great environmental alternative to packaged granola treats. All natural ingredients and no excess packaging to dispose of. You will always feel good about serving these to your family.

  What do you get when you cross a cookie and a granola bar? Noly Cookies (name credit to our 2 year old)…that’s what. What the heck is a Noly (rhymes with holy) cookie you ask. Well…we love making home-made granola bars and  home made cookies. They’re wholesome – you control the ingredients, it gets [Read More]

Healthy Breakfast Barley and Apples


So our 2 year old would eat oatmeal all day! As would I. Our 6 year old however does not like oatmeal AT ALL. This winter has been so unbelievably cold on some days that I just really feel like feeding my kids a hot breakfast is doing right by them. But what is one [Read More]

All Natural Sugar Scrub Recipe


So, every winter the same thing happens – ROUGH–TOUGH–CRACKED–CHAPPED skin.  I get tiny little cuts along my knuckles, my fingertips catch on woolly sweaters and my disdain for winter cranks up a notch. I could probably use my hands as sandpaper if we ran out. Ok so I think you get the point – my [Read More]

“Veatloaf” – Vegetarian Meatloaf


Ok so I have a confession…I love meat!!! I wish that I didn’t… I want to not love meat after reading Alicia Silverstone’s “the Kind Diet” and I want to feel sorry for loving it, but as the kid says in note #5 in this hilarious post from Distractify.(P.S. those notes are hilarious, I laugh [Read More]