What’s it All About

What does it all mean? When we say “Self.Made.Simple” what does that really signify? For our family it is about a journey with two different paths – which path we are on at an given time is differentiated simply by where we place a comma. Self, Made Simple or Self Made, Simple.

The first path is our story about how we are going to better ourselves as people (better for us anyways). Life has become complicated, I think most of us would agree on that point. Information is all around us, you simply can’t escape from it. At almost any given moment someone, somewhere wants our attention. This has lead to a society that is far too consumed with…well…consuming. Look around your house right now and I bet you can pick out some excess, things that you could probably live without. For our family achieving ‘simpledom’ is going to be about not consuming more than our fair share of resources and eliminating as many harmful ingredients as we can. What can we do without? How can we use less of something (water, hydro, fuel, food)? How can we teach our kids to appreciate the things they have now? When we do require to purchase or upgrade how can we go about it in a way that leaves the smallest footprint possible – is it available locally? This will be a difficult transition for us because like most we have fallen victim to the conveniences of mass production and consumption. We hope that we can help inspire you to make some changes in your life as well – if we all do our part we can ensure a good future for our kids and beyond.

The other path that we will be exploring ties in pretty well with the first path. You would be surprised to learn just how simple it is to just make stuff yourself. A large portion of the products that we buy in stores contain ingredients that we probably should avoid…most of these products can be made in the home using natural ingredients that are far safer and healthier for you. When it comes to hard goods – most of which have to travel a long way to get to us – all it takes is a little creativity or inspiration from like minded individuals and you can be creating things for your home or upcycling products that otherwise would have been discarded. Our goal is to share with you the things that we create with step by step directions and photos. Some projects will be very simple while others could be much more complicated. Projects will range from recipes to cosmetics and healthcare and right up to larger home improvement projects.

Who Are We?

A little bit about Shannon

Hi. I’m Shannon. I’m in my mid thirties. I’m a mom to 3 wonderful children (teenager, school age and a preschooler) that I love to read, sing, dance and chat with. I am a wife to a wonderful man who inspires me every day to do what I love, no matter what it is. By day I am a receptionist at a law office and by night I am a student in the study of holistic nutrition. I love to cook, bake and try to add my own spin to recipes or create my own. I dislike housekeeping and am constantly on a search to make things easier and to find new storage solutions. I love to read and watch movies and documentaries. I love tea. I fidget too much. I love camping and taking long walks and hikes. I hope you will enjoy the blog and that I can inspire you as many others have inspired me.